The Meeting Point is located about halfway along the Rhodes – Lindos road.

Coming from the North it is the first roundabout.
This is located JUST south of the village of Archangelos (ignore the exit that enters the village of Archangelos! - after all, the main road takes you AROUND the village of Archangelos and, driving straight ahead, you will automatically arrive at the South side from the village where the roundabout is located).

Coming from the south it is the fourth roundabout after Lindos.

Double check if you are on the right roundabout, the right roundabout has an exit to Malona/Massari and to Archangelos village.

location of the meeting point

Are you coming by bus

Make sure you get off at the right bus stop! That is bus stop 37 (KATSELI) on the main street Rhodes – Lindos, located on the south side of the village of Archangelos, near the Old Olive Factory.