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Jungle of Nikos Season 2024

Jungle day August 2024

Jungle day August 2024

Below an overview of the days the Jungle of Nikos Papas is still bookable. Clicking the dates will indicate how many places are still available. The booking process will take less than 5 minutes. Make sure you have the name and address of your residence on Rhodes. Please also provide the phone number where you can be reached on during your holiday.

The total duration of the Jungle day is 5+ hours.

Of course we recommend it: the beautiful part where you walk 200 meters through the water (bath shoes!). However; In 2024 it is also possible to do a slightly different route and then your feet will stay dry!

Ask for it.


Ticket Price

from 12 year to 99 year

€ 34,00

from 6 year to 11 year

€ 17,00

from 0 year to 5 year

€ 0,00

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