westkust van rhodos junglevanrhodos The west coast of Rhodes is greener, quieter and less popular than the east coast of the island. There will also be some wind at times. The beaches are narrower and more often pebbly rather than sandy. The residents on the east coast also criticize the west coast because they find their beaches much better. It's a matter of taste. The beaches may be a bit narrower, but they are elongated.

rhodos westkust map

Most tourist resorts are located on the stretch between Rhodes town and Paradisi airport, the northernmost part of the west side of the island. After that, the touristic buildings almost stop and you get to see more farms and grape fields.

There are the remains of the ancient city of Ialyssos and Mount Felerimos with its photogenic mix of Byzantine and Johannite churches nestled among the pine trees.

Behind the airport is the road to the Petoulades valley where you can see millions of butterflies (actually they are moths) (late June - early September). The next destination worth mentioning is Kamiros. This is the second abandoned ancient city on the west coast and also one of the island's most popular excursion destinations. After Kamiros the road becomes even quieter. In the port of Kamiros Skala there are daily connections with the island of Chalki, located near Rhodes. Monolithos is the main village in the southern part of the west coast. The beach is not really much, but on the hill is a castle of the Johannites, which is perhaps the most impressive castle on the island. It was built in the 15th century. From the hill there is a beautiful view of the island of Halki. South of Monolithos, the island is hardly inhabited.

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