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Kamiros was one of the three oldest Dorian cities
Kamiros is situated on a hill, on the west coast, about 25 kilometers from Rhodes town.
The city was destroyed by an earthquake in 142 BC and in 1929 by the Italians dug up again

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In ancient times there was a garden around this building. During the Christian period, the building became a small church in honor of Saint Aimilianos. The current city was built on the same place as the city of Antiquity. Archaeological finds prove that people have already lived here in the Stone Age. Finds of objects in the ancient tombs confirm the presence of the Mycenaeans during the period 15th century BC. and further. We may assume that Lindos was a trading center during the Mycenaean period, even though this city was of significantly less importance than Kamiros and lalyssos.

The archaeological excavations at Kámiros (Kameiros) are remnants of the once mighty city from the Hellenistic period. In the year 226 BC the city was almost completely destroyed by an earthquake, after which the city was rebuilt. The remains are of this second version of Kámiros, which was again almost completely razed to the ground in 142 AD.

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