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Natural Cypress Forest Embonas”. In the Northeastern part of the island of Rhodes, close to the village of Embona in the Attavirou district and specifically on the spot “Katarti” in the province of Dodecanese, there is a natural forest of cypresses. The forest has been assessed as an important biogenetic reserve, of special , scientific value.

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The forest covers an area of approximately 1,350 hectares, and extends on both sides of the Embonas - Sianna regional road, near a ravines, rocky and difficult to access mountain side of the Attavirou Mountains, the highest and largest mountain in Rhodes with an altitude of 1,216 meters. The view from the higher points of the nature reserve is enchanting.

In Embonas is the Emery winery that produces a large part of Rhodes' best wine. There are various free tastings for visitors at various points in the village. You will also find the ruins of a temple dedicated to Zeus and the small church of St. John the Evangelist. A local tradition in Embonas are the folk dancers in traditional dress who perform at clays and big parties. Most performances are in the last three weeks of August.

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