The former fishing village has developed into a small seaside resort in the eighties. The remains are on the huge rock in the north of the village. of the Johannite fortress of Feráklos from 1470.
During the knightly age, sugar cane was pressed here and sugar was refined from the juice. To the north of the settlement is the sandy beach Agathi.
In Charaki there are only pebble beaches.

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Well-kept fisherman's tavern in a round building near the sea with live lobsters and crawfish from its own water basin.

Haraki (Charaki) is an attractive small bay with a family atmosphere. The beach here is a mix of pebbles and sand, and the area is mainly frequented by tourists who rent rooms nearby, but families of local people also come out with their umbrellas and settle on the free area in the middle of the beach. beach.

Most visitors call Haraki 'heaven on earth'. And there's plenty of reason to believe that. The seaside town of Haraki (or Charaki, 8 km south of Archangelos) is crowned by the ruins of the Feraklos fortress and extends around a semi-circular bay. There are no large hotels here, individual holidaymakers predominate. Here you will find several small guest houses without a dividing road directly in front of the pebble beach.

The sight of children searching for shells among the pebbles, couples gazing out to sea from the balcony of their rented room, sunburned mothers pushing prams up and down - the attractive little bay of Haraki definitely offers a family atmosphere .

On the promenade directly in front of Haraki beach you will find mini markets, restaurants, cafes and a foreign news agency. Many of the cafes and restaurants also offer breakfast.

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