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Baths of Kalithéa' the old seaside resort from the Turkish domination. Until the Second World War, Rhodes had another attraction for sun, sea and culture: a seaside resort with mineral springs. In the exquisite spa town of Kallitliéa on the east coast, the well-to-do took a cure for their rheumatism or other undisclosed ailments, such as kidney disease or chronic constipation.

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During World War II, the spa park was bombed; however, most of the buildings are more or less preserved; a foundation is now engaged in the renovation. The design of the Italian architect Pietro Lonibardi is clearly inspired by the Orient: above the currently dry spring, from which sulphurous water bubbled up, is a building with a dome; warm sunlight enters through the windows and arcades.

The surrounding palms give the whole an exotic touch. The film 'Vacation, in Rhodes' from the English crime series 'The Adventures of Hercule Poirot' shows what the spa must have looked like in its best days. Much of this drama about jealousy with fatal outcome was filmed in 1989 at the thermal baths of Kallithéa. The buildings are being renovated and will be in use again soon (2003-2004). The long row of toilets shows that the sulphurous water is not without effect. At the bottom of the spa is a small sandy beach. Cold drinks and snacks can be bought at a kiosk.

In the 1920s, the Italians built a thermal bath near the sea between Rhodes and Faliráki. Its architecture seems to be inspired by the fairy tale of One Thousand and One Nights. Palms, domes and colorful glass windows give the whole an oriental appearance. Along the narrow, fjord-like bay, there are numerous sun loungers under the palms and in the shade of trees. The water is easy to reach over ladders.

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